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Jumpstart Your Path to Teaching
TEACH for Houston’s mission is to inspire the next generation of teachers—starting with you. Whether you’re just exploring, or ready to take the leap into teaching, we’ll help set you up for success.

About TEACH for Houston

Because teachers have the ability to impact our students’ lives, Houston-area school districts and educator preparation programs launched TEACH for Houston, in partnership with Good Reason Houston and TEACH, to assist anyone considering teaching in the Houston region. We aim to elevate the image of the teaching profession, expand and diversify the educator pipeline, and fill persistent certification shortage areas, so that students are prepared to succeed in lifelong learning and work beyond school.

TEACH is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, launched by Microsoft and the U.S. Department of Education, and supported by the nation’s top teacher associations.

Fueled by Good Reason Houston

Good Reason Houston’s vision is that every child, in every neighborhood, excels in a world-class public school and thrives in the Houston of tomorrow.

Good Reason Houston was founded to be a consistent civic leader that sits outside the system and champions a long-term vision for education transformation in our region and state.

Supported by dedicated staff, Good Reason Houston works intentionally and urgently to build on Houston’s assets in pursuit of collective goals.

We work purposefully to build a broad coalition of partners who tackle issues we have not been able to solve until now. We leverage our unique position to expand equitable access and cultivate sustainable solutions. We secure additional funding and provide frontline support to accelerate success.