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Aldine Independent School District

Hear from Rachel Kress about advocating for her students.

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Meet Rachel Kress

Teacher Ambassador

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Receiving thank you cards from my students reminds me why I fight and advocate for them every day.


  • 9th Grade English Teacher


  • Niagara University
  • Niagara University


  • Grade Level Team Lead
  • Cheerleading Coach

Teacher Certification Program

    Why I Teach

    I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher. I was raised in a small town without many opportunities to grow. From day one at my college, I started working in the classroom. This prepared me for so many situations and armed me with experience. When I graduated, I was given the opportunity to teach in Houston and could not wait to start my career.

    I teach because it is what I am passionate about. I come to school each day to, in someway, make my students smile or laugh. My goal is for them to walk away with lifelong memories that they will look back on when they’re older.

    Aldine ISD by the numbers

    • 5,111

      Dedicated Teachers

    • 66,500

      Engaged Learners

    • 19:1

      Average Student to Teacher Ratio

    • 52,500

      New Teacher Starting Salary

    About Aldine ISD

    • About

      Aldine Independent School District is nationally known for providing a quality education in a diverse community. Over the last ten years, educators from around the world have visited our classrooms and facilities to acquire new skills and strategies from our talented educators and to learn about the accomplishments of our students. Our teachers, departments and staff members are committed to performance excellence as detailed in our motto: “All in. All Students. Always!”  

      While Aldine ISD is one of the larger school districts in Texas, it still retains the atmosphere of a smaller school district. Most employees in the district feel connected with administration and have frequent contact with the superintendent and her Executive Leadership team. Our student and staff diversity adds to the excitement and positive qualities of working in Aldine. Aldine ISD serves more than 66,500 students, 98 percent of which are minority students—predominately Hispanic.

      Aldine ISD is located in north Houston with easy access to suburbs and downtown entertainment. A number of large corporate businesses and many smaller independent businesses can be found in our school district.

      Talent runs deep in Aldine ISD. In June 2018, Aldine ISD students participated in the National History Day competition in Maryland and were the only students in the State of Texas to win! Just as talented, Aldine MacArthur teacher, Ramona Smith, was named the world’s top public speaker at the Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking on August 25, 2018 in Chicago.

    • Teaching in Aldine ISD

      Aldine ISD teachers are highly motivated educators who are committed to making a positive impact in our community. They will do whatever it takes to ensure their students reach success. They set goals, hold themselves and their students to the highest expectations and understand that no two students are the same and that instruction must be aligned with both the class as a unit and the needs of the individual students.   

      Aldine ISD partners with more than 30 universities across Texas and the United States that are nationally known for producing effective teachers. Each year, more than 200 pre-service teachers from these institutions elect to complete their student teaching in Aldine ISD. Whether you student teach in Aldine, begin your career in Aldine, complete your internship with us, transfer from another school district as a veteran teacher or are returning to education, all teachers new to Aldine ISD are provided with multiple resources to guide and support you. Through our Leadership Aldine program, a majority of our counselors, assistant principals, principals and other leaders are grown from within our district.

    • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

      For fifteen consecutive years, Aldine ISD has earned a superior rating for financial integrity. Aldine ISD is proud to offer a compensation plan that is competitive in the Houston market with a starting salary of $52,500. Teachers are paid a base salary, but often earn additional compensation through critical needs stipends, supplemental pay or teacher performance incentives. Compensation is evaluated annually for potential increases. In addition to a competitive compensation package, Aldine ISD offers a comprehensive benefits package that includes health, vision, dental, life insurance and even health club memberships. Finally, Aldine ISD offers employees a 457 savings plan and 403b retirement plans.

    • Pathways to Teaching in Aldine ISD

      Aldine ISD partners with more than 30 universities across Texas and the United States that are nationally known for producing effective teachers. Several of these universities offer advanced degrees and certification courses at our facilities. Each year, cohorts of teachers who want to continue to grow and expand their talents are offered opportunities to enroll, attend classes and earn advanced degrees without ever leaving Aldine ISD. Houston Baptist University (HBU), the University of St. Thomas and Sam Houston State University have all been previous partners in Aldine. For our employees who may not have a college degree, Aldine ISD provides multiple pathways to teaching certification through a “grow your own” initiative with the University of Houston Downtown, and through partnerships with Texas Tech and LoneStar College.

      Each year, Aldine ISD hires a number of teachers who enter the profession through one of the Alternative Certification Programs. Houston has a wealth of options for future teachers to select from, each designed to fit the specific needs of the pre-service teacher.

    • Applying to Aldine ISD

      Aldine ISD seeks applicants that are highly motivated and committed to making a positive impact in our community.  Applicants who are interested in Aldine ISD are encouraged to complete an online application. Your application should include your educational background, your certification (or anticipated certification), and contact information for three references, including your most recent principal (if you are already teaching) or your most recent supervisor.

      Visit Applicants to see current openings.

    • For Students

      Aldine ISD students who participate and successfully graduate in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Education and Training path are offered an “intent to contract” their senior year of high school. These students are encouraged to attend a teaching university and return to Aldine ISD and our community as a teacher. Each year, members of the Human Resources team and partner universities visit with the students in the CTE Education and Training path to share opportunities for the future, and to build early connections.

    • Job Opportunities

      If you’re interested in working for Aldine Independent School District, check out our job postings at the link below or email rmwilliams@aldineisd.org.

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