KIPP Texas Public Schools - Houston

KIPP Texas Public Schools - Houston

Hear from Delisha Ford about the mission and values that are the foundation for the work she does at KIPP every day.

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Meet Delisha Ford

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I teach for KIPP because I believe in the mission and values of this program; knowledge truly is power. Specifically, I have continued working at KIPP Connect Primary because it is has become my second family. There is so much love, support and kindness at Connect. At Connect, our values are literally the HEARTbeat of the school; HEART stands for honor, explore with enthusiasm, always with excellence, ready to try again and together. From the administrators to the teachers, our values are what we live and breathe and are the foundation for the work we do each day. 

Delisha Ford


  • 2nd Grade Self-contained Teacher


  • Texas Christian University


  • 2nd Grade Level Team Leader
  • KIPP Houston Emerging Leaders Program
  • KIPP Houston Summer Language Program Site Leader

Teacher Certification Program

    Why I Teach

    I teach because children are the future. I want to take part in equipping our future world leaders with wisdom, knowledge and grit. I also teach because it is my calling and my passion. I have always wanted to be a teacher and I truly love what I do!

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