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KIPP Texas Public Schools - Houston

Hear from Delisha Ford about the mission and values that are the foundation for the work she does at KIPP every day.

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Meet Delisha Ford

Teacher Ambassador

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I teach for KIPP because I believe in the mission and values of this program; knowledge truly is power. Specifically, I have continued working at KIPP Connect Primary because it is has become my second family. There is so much love, support and kindness at Connect. At Connect, our values are literally the HEARTbeat of the school; HEART stands for honor, explore with enthusiasm, always with excellence, ready to try again and together. From the administrators to the teachers, our values are what we live and breathe and are the foundation for the work we do each day. 


  • 2nd Grade Self-contained Teacher


  • University of Houston


  • 2nd Grade Level Team Leader
  • KIPP Houston Emerging Leaders Program
  • KIPP Houston Summer Language Program Site Leader

Teacher Certification Program

    Why I Teach

    I teach because children are the future. I want to take part in equipping our future world leaders with wisdom, knowledge and grit. I also teach because it is my calling and my passion. I have always wanted to be a teacher and I truly love what I do!

    KIPP Texas Public Schools by the numbers

    • 15,850

      Engaged Learners

    • $53,000

      New Teacher Starting Salary

    About KIPP Texas Public Schools

    • About

      Across the state of Texas, millions of children live in educationally underserved communities, struggling in poor-performing schools. For more than 24 years, KIPP has demonstrated the powerful impact a high-quality education has on improving graduation rates and college attainment, enabling students and communities to command their futures. Through the network of schools in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio, KIPP has been the driving force in raising expectations for academic success with students, families, communities, cities, states and the nation by proving what is possible.

    • Teaching in KIPP Texas

      KIPP prioritizes and invests in unparalleled professional development, so you can improve your craft and grow at every stage of your career. With access to resources and support from colleagues across the nation, you’re never alone.

      In the classroom, your creativity is encouraged and embraced. You can deliver rigorous academic instruction and character development in a way that excites your students and meets their unique needs. We believe every student will learn if given the opportunity.

    • Salary, Compensation & Benefits

      Our salary scale for the 2018-19 school year starts at $53,000 for brand new teachers, with pay increasing based on years of experience. 

      All full-time KIPP employees are members of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS). Employees can also take advantage of KIPP Invest, a personal retirement plan with company matching by KIPP. Employees also receive travel awards in $500 increments every four years to show our gratitude for their continued hard work. 

      Other perks include two on-site licensed daycare facilities; discounted YMCA membership; pet insurance; access to ZocDoc; free travel assistance program; and Employee Assistance Program, which provides free confidential counseling; and discounts at many local businesses, such as gyms and office supply stores.

      KIPP offers three medical plans through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. All plans use the extensive Blue Choice PPO Network of providers. KIPP offers a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) which is free at the employee-only level. KIPP will also contribute $500 per year to a Health Savings Account for employees enrolling in the HDHP plan.

    • Applying to KIPP Texas

      Process for Instructional Faculty 

      Step 1: Online Application
      All applications must be submitted online. Following your application and resume submission, you will be notified within three to five business days of your application status.

      Step 2: Online Interview
      After you submit your online application, you may be invited to complete an online interview, which typically takes 30 to 45 minutes and can be completed at your convenience within three business days of the invitation.

      Step 3: In-Person Interview
      Following the online interview, you will be notified within eight business days of your status. While each school’s selection process varies slightly, you should expect to complete an in-person interview with leaders of the school and conduct a sample lesson. 
Candidates who are not based in Houston and would need travel accommodations may follow a modified selection process that can include a sample teaching video and a phone interview with a school leader.

      Step 4: Offer Notification
      After your final interview, we typically notify you of your final status within a few days.

      Process for Non-Instructional Positions

      The selection process for leadership, support staff and regional positions varies depending on the position, school or department and hiring manager. In general, you can expect to be given a status update within two weeks of your initial application. If you are invited to continue the interview process beyond the online application, you will be notified of next steps.

      Visit Job Openings to see current employment opportunities.

    • Job Opportunities

      If you’re interested in working for KIPP Texas Public Schools, check out our job postings at the link below or email brianna.olootu@yesprep.org.

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