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Application Checklists
All your requirements, deadlines and reminders in one place. Check off every step of your applications to educator preparation programs.
Application Checklist

Stay on Top of Your Applications

Application Checklist

Follow a step-by-step plan for applying to your top-choice educator preparation programs. 

  1. Explore and select the programs you’re interested in applying to. 
  2. Create a checklist to get reminders when you should make moves. (If you’re stuck, pointers are just a tap away.)
  3. Submit your application.

From early comparisons to hitting submit, the application checklists get you closer to attending the program that suits you best.

The Goods

All Your Checklists in One Place

My Checklists

When you're applying to different programs, eligibility and other application requirements can get muddled. That's why we keep all your application checklists in one spot, so you can take a break when you need to and come back to them later. Here's to staying organized!

My Checklists
Take charge of your applications

Take Charge of Your Applications

Take charge of your applications

Your journey to the classroom is just beginning! Don't let the length of your prep program application scare you off. Take control of your teaching journey—and start by creating a checklist to keep track of best practices and next steps.


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