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Options for Funding Your Ed

Here are our best practices and cost-saving strategies to help you afford teacher training.

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Financing your training can be tough, but we’ve got your back. Here’s everything you need to know.

Do I need aid?

If you don’t apply for financial aid, you’ll have to pay for your training out of your own pocket, as it’s due. So why not let Uncle Sam (and some other folks) lend a hand? When you apply for financial aid, you can receive scholarships, grants and loans to help you pay for your undergrad or grad training, so you can focus on what’s truly important: becoming an awesome teacher!

What types of aid are available for prospective teachers? 

There are five types of financial aid for traditional programs: grants, scholarships, student loans, loan forgiveness and work-study. To learn more about these options, check out About Financial Aid.

Are there ways I can save money?

In addition to earning scholarships and grants, there are several ways to reduce or eliminate the cost of your training, such as earning a salary while going to school and getting certified while an undergrad. 

When should I apply for aid?

Scholarship, grant and internship opportunities, including FAFSA, have various deadlines to keep track of. Your educator preparation program might also have a list of aid options available.

How do I apply for aid?

One of the easiest ways to apply for aid for undergrad or grad school is through the FAFSA. Most scholarship, grant and internship opportunities offer instructions for applying on their websites. Feel free to contact the financial aid office at the educator preparation program you plan to attend before you apply as well. They can help you determine your eligibility and options for aid, as well as walk you through how to apply.

Scholarships for Future Teachers

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Whether you’re in high school, college or graduate school, there are plenty of funding opportunities in Houston that you may be eligible for. Be sure to check out our national database of opportunities, too.

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Application Fees? We’ve Got You Covered.

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We know applying to educator preparation programs can add up. That’s why we offer up to $100 covered towards your application and testing expenses. 

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Learn Financial Aid Best Practices

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We understand that financial aid can be confusing. Let’s make it less daunting with some best practices. By the time we’re done, you’ll feel like a total pro.

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