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Eligibility in Houston

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45 minutes

Eligibility in Houston

This guide describes the application requirements to apply for an educator preparation program, from academic history to coursework and exams.

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    • Academic History
      • International Applicant Requirements
  • Apply with PACT or Coursework
    • Courses that Count
    • Programs that Accept Coursework
      • Undergraduate Transfer Programs
      • Graduate Programs

If you have any questions about your PACT exam or this process, reach out to a TEACH for Houston coach or educator preparation program staff for support. We’re here for you.


To prove your eligibility for an educator preparation program, you might need to meet coursework requirements.

By providing proof of this coursework, admissions staff can rest assured you have the right background to pursue a teaching certification at their program.

Academic History

When applying for your program, be prepared to provide your:

  • Previous degree(s)
  • GPA
  • Completed content area/coursework

International Applicant Requirements

Do you have a degree from an English-speaking country?

  • Yes: Typically, you will need to provide a letter from your university verifying the language of instruction.
  • No: You need to pass the TOEFL with the minimum scores as determined by your program. Common requirements are:
    • Speaking: 24
    • Listening: 22
    • Reading: 22
    • Writing: 21

Apply with PACT or Coursework

For some programs, you will have to submit test scores as part of your application. (See PACT Guide to learn more.) Others allow you to apply without PACT exam scores, if you’ve completed certain coursework.

Even if you don’t think you have the right coursework under your belt, reach out to programs staff. You may be a qualified candidate, even if you don’t think you are.

Typically, programs that do not require PACT scores in your application require:

  • 15 hours of “content coursework” for students pursuing Math and Science(s) certifications (grades 4-8, 6-12 and 7-12).
  • 12 hours (at least) of content coursework for students pursuing Arts and Humanities certifications.

Courses that Count

Which courses count towards minimum humanities/STEM hours?

Program staff at educator preparation programs are incredibly skilled at assessing which courses can count toward the minimum content area coursework requirement. In many cases, they’ll be able to identify courses from your transcript that might help you satisfy the minimum requirements.

Once you’ve chosen the educator preparation program(s) you want to apply to, reach out to program staff if you have questions about the coursework eligibility requirements (even if you don’t think you’re eligible based on your past academic history). They’ll be able to help!

Programs that Accept Coursework

Which programs in Houston allow you to use coursework to start your application?

Undergraduate Transfer Programs

Generally speaking, undergraduate programs will review your transcript to see how many content area coursework hours you have completed.

Based on that review, your advisor will create a personalized degree plan that allows you to finish any remaining content area coursework and complete all education coursework as quickly as possible.

Graduate Programs

If you have your bachelor’s degree (nice work), you may or may not be required to have a minimum number of prior content area coursework hours to apply to an educator preparation program, based on each program’s specific eligibility requirements.

Some programs even offer multiple eligibility pathways based on your prior coursework.

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