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Hear from Ashley Bratcher about the community she's helped build at Stafford.

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Meet Ashley Bratcher

Teacher Ambassador

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Stafford MSD is unique because it is a small district right outside of a big city. You can develop a sense of familiarity and community with everyone from your students and fellow coworkers to even the superintendent. We like to think of ourselves as "The Best Little School District in Texas.”


  • 3rd Grade Math and Science Teacher


  • 2018 Campus, Elementary, and District Teacher of the Year
  • 3rd Grade Team Leader
  • Professional Development Trainer

Teacher Certification Program

    Why I Teach

    I graduated college with a degree in Business, but found myself unfulfilled when I got my first job. Searching for direction, I started working as a substitute teacher. I enjoyed my interactions with students so much that I decided to pursue my teaching certificate. What inspires me to teach day-in and day-out is that I have an opportunity to make an impact on my students' lives. From the hugs and appreciative notes, to the light bulbs that go off when they finally understand something new, my students make every day worth it.

    Stafford Municipal School District by the numbers

    • 240

      Dedicated Teachers

    • 3,607

      Engaged Learners

    • 22:1

      Average Student to Teacher Ratio

    • $51,000

      New Teacher Starting Salary

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